Kids' Zone

Leader: Linda Crites


We want to proclaim the words of Jesus, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these" (Luke 18:16).

Even though we have had Children's Church for over 30 years, we are very excited about the re-vamping of our "KIDS ZONE" Children's Church.  Sunday July 11th was an exciting time as kids entered into THEIR freshly scrubbed, waxed and painted "KIDS ZONE" area. There were smiles, giggles, and looks of wonder and surprise as they made their way into the "UPPER ROOM" to see walls of lime green, fiesta orange, sunshine yellow, red, blue and white.Two puppet stages, one painted with Lightening McQueen and Mater, the one with a "jungle look".  The two side walls with racing flags, and baby moon hubcaps for offering plates.

Housed on the third floor, hence the "UPPER ROOM", this 36 x 20' space is perfect for "JUMPING FOR JESUS" as kids 2 1/2 through 12 years old play wild games, sing and shout crazy songs, learn memory verses with their puppet friends, or listen to see who's going to win for bringing the most offering, the boys or the girls?  Each child accumulates points for attendance, bringing their Bible, memorizing their scriptures, bringing an offering and bringing a friend.  They will be able to redeem these points for prizes at the "POWER HOUSE STORE" in the very near future.

After a time of activity, the kids are dismissed to their classrooms with their teachers and in classes with their own age group where they will stay until the Sanctuary service has ended. 

Each week the excitement mounts as they watch for Jose, Waldo, Alyce, or Lilly to appear.  Waldo has a tough time staying awake since he's always up most of the night before church. Jose and Waldo like to teach the kids their memory verses, but always gets them mixed up.  Lilly's love is singing and music and Alyce is the serious one that tries to keep everyone under control.

Excitement is growing and we would love to have your children join us.  Our purpose is to show children that they can and should have fun at church learning about Jesus.  And, it's hard to say who has more fun, the workers or the children.  This ministry is definately for the "young at heart".

Our staff meeting is every other month on the first Saturday from 12 noon til 2PM.  This is a grow-ing ministry and we are in constant need of children's church workers.  If you LOVE children and would like to be a part of our ministry team, please contact the Children's Church Coordinator in person for information. Any other inquires, please call the church at 304-257-4722 to leave a message, send an e-mail to

                                                                                                  Serving joyfully!

                                                                                                   Linda Crites, Coordinator

  December 2020  
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